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Thank you for visiting our site!  ​My name is Keith Jowers and I am a Dad coach, an entrepreneur, the Author of 4 books (including Meet Officer Keith children's books and Daily Connections, a radio show and podcast host, and the Founder of Dads 4 Life, an international non-profit that helps Dads connect life with purpose while investing in their greatest asset on Earth…their children.

 Dads 4 Life, Inc™ was established in 2004 and our goal is to be an organization for Fathers that encourages enhances, and enriches Dads to be a Dad 4 Life!™ .


As Iron Sharpens Iron , we can learn from each other.  We are creating an impact on the next generation by encouraging Dads of all ages to stand up and be a Dad!


As a young boy whose Dad passed early, I am committed to helping inspire Dads to be the best Dad they can be.  I believe you can be a life learner, and I challenge you to be a  Dads 4 Life, Inc™!




I have been asked "How did I come about the name Studio 425?"


Well, I never get tired of answering it but I thought I would answer it here for those visiting our website.


The simple answer is "The Lord downloaded it to me".  But why, I believe, is the real meaning behind the name. 


My grandparents had an address of 425 West 61st. Grandpa made the address numbers and they were placed at the top of his screen and stayed there on his porch for decades. 


When family or friends visited, the old front porch of that home had countless stories told on it but one thing for sure was, if Grandpa told it, "it was the TRUTH!"

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Keith believes it is not what you leave to your children that counts, but what you leave in them! 


"Daily Connections” is a daily reminder to find some area of association to build a relationship with each of your children. Just like each parent … all of our children are different, and respond differently. The purpose of this VALUABLE FREE RESOURCE is to give parents of all ages, and educational backgrounds ideas of how to relate and connect with their children. 


Each day will provide an exercise for thinking about your kids and what ideas you can implement to make your connection better.  CLAIM YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW and immediately begin making memorable life connections with your children!

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