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“If you go through life only helping yourself, you go through life alone.” (Keith Jowers)


Keith is a Dad coach, an entrepreneur, the Author of 4 books (including Meet Officer Keith children's books and Daily Connections, a radio show and podcast, Auctioneer, host and  the Founder of Dads 4 Life, an international non-profit that helps Dads connect life with purpose while investing gin their greatest asset on Earth…their children.   

Keith was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and still calls it home today but he didn’t have that idyllic childhood that helped him see how awesome Dads can be.  You see, Keith’s father died when he was only eleven years old.  He knows what it is like to grow up without a Dad…or a connection to a male figure who could speak into your life.  While he appreciates his mom’s influence in his life, Keith understands firsthand the impact of an absent or missing father on a child’s life. 

While he spent years planning to be the dad he never had, Keith found himself in a place he never wanted to be – a dad who was getting divorced.  He struggled greatly because he did not want his daughter to grow up without him in her life. Keith discovered that keeping a connection with his only daughter would require him to make a daily choice to do so. 

Keith later met his wife, Glenda in 1986.  They have been married for 32 years and enjoy serving together in a variety of ministries.  To this day, Keith claims Glenda is someone he admires because, “Even if I didn't know her, I recognize her to be a pillar of strength as she has encountered many adversities in life and always looks to the Lord for her answer. She cared for her parents until death and cares for others who go through similar situations of life. Her tenacity is amazing.”

As part of that launch, Keith and his daughter Kristina, wrote their first book together called Part-Time Dad, Full-Time Heart. They continue to work collaboratively on many projects as the opportunity arises.

Keith is a retire Veteran and  Law Enforcement Officer for 30 years including School Resource Officer and Officer Friendly, Keith has also served in many aspects of ministry – including Youth leader, Interim Youth Pastor, Dad coach, financial counselor, divorce recovery, entrepreneur leadership, Author in Business and much more.  Having received his bachelor’s degree in marketing, Keith’s journey of encouraging Dads led him to pursue and receive a master’s in counseling as well as a Doctorate in Leadership Organization.  Although he appreciates the value of formal education, Keith will be the first to tell you that he’s never done learning.  He always has a stack of books he wants to read and some new insight to share. 

Keith is passionate about being a husband, father and “Grandy” to his 3 precious grandkids, Hanna, Judah, & Abby.  When not taking care of his cattle farm or running Dads 4 Life, writing or speaking, Keith also loves to spend whatever time he can as a drummer or acting.  He wants to be remembered as a man of God with a kind heart who encouraged others, tried to correct his wrongs and forgive all who offend him.  He hopes his decision to be a "life learner" and strive to learn something new every day encourages others to do the same.

However, be forewarned, Keith remembers so many song lyrics from his 50 years as a drummer that he has been known to relate them to a conversation so you might find yourself humming a classic tune shortly after the conversation and wonder just where that came from.

You can find Keith here on this website or via email at You may also contact him via his CONTACT FORM.  If there’s one thing that is a guarantee about Keith, it’s that he cares about helping you.  He would be sad to know you needed an ear and didn’t reach out.  Feel free to reach out today.

If you haven’t yet, consider this your personal invitation to sign up for “Daily Connections”, a daily reminder to find some area of association that will help you build a relationship with each of your children.  You won’t regret it.

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