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Preparation for A New 2022 Financial Vision!


Why you might ask?!  

Because the simple fact that you are taking a moment to learn about THE EDGE program tells me that you are seriously considering taking back control of your life and preparing for your future and legacy!

This course may be a new start, tune-up or perhaps a totally different perspective on what to do with the money that come through your hands.

So how to you know if this program is for you?!

Let me ask you this..

Are you struggling with not having a spending plan?

Are you frustrated with having too much month left at the end of your money?

Do you feel frustrated over money regularly?

Have you been feeling hopeless over your situation financially?

Do you wish you had a plan that would work?!

If you want to win with money, you can’t do it without a plan, so you can’t continue doing what you have always done.  

THE EDGE is a 3-Month Program that will focus on


  • A Savings Plan for now and your future

  • Creating a Personal Cash Flow Plan 

  • Debt reduction plan

  • Preparing yourself to leave a Legacy far beyond money

  • Developing a Legacy Box **Bonus Lesson**

If you are living paycheck to paycheck..

If you have debt that you wish was gone for good..

If you want to take control of your money..

If you need a plan that is consistent and works..

THE EDGE was designed for you!

Imagine having a REAL PLAN to reduce your debt and take control of your money!
Imagine eliminated all the stress and anxiety and having peace about your finances!
Imagine restoring trust in your marriage and being able to communicate openly about your finances!
Imagine having a LEGACY PLAN  that they you can leverage for years to come!



  • A one hour “Get Acquainted” session via a video chat. Homework will follow to prepare us for your first session (approx. one week later)

  • A bi-weekly private and confidential ZOOM where our one on one coaching will come to life.

  • Email and Messenger access for questions to be answered and support provided as needed.

  • Developing Goals and setting up a legacy plan!

The Edge Logo.png

are you ready for an edge in your finances?!

Register Now!

THE EDGE for Singles

Regularly $697


New Year Promotion

NOW ONLY $297!

THE EDGE for Couples

Regularly $897


New Year Promotion

NOW ONLY $397!

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