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Do you have Dad that you would like to honor?  
Every month Dad's 4 Life will be highlighting a story submitted my individuals or families who would like to honor their Dad!
Whether they are living or have passed on, we would love for you to share your Dad story with us and allow us to help you honor them!
To submit your Honoring Dads story, please email us at  Once we receive your story we will get right back in touch with you with our process and next steps!
We can't wait to HONOR YOUR DAD!
Honoring Dads



I have been asked "How did I come about the name Studio 425?"


Well, I never get tired of answering it but I thought I would answer it here for those visiting our website.


The simple answer is "The Lord downloaded it to me".  But why, I believe, is the real meaning behind the name. 


My grandparents had an address of 425 West 61st. Grandpa made the address numbers and they were placed at the top of his screen and stayed there on his porch for decades. 


When family or friends visited, the old front porch of that home had countless stories told on it but one thing for sure was, if Grandpa told it, "it was the TRUTH!"

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