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Our Studio 425 Story

I have been asked "How did I come about the name Studio 425?"

Well, I never get tired of answering it but I thought I would answer it here for those visiting the Dads Radio Network page.

The simple answer is "The Lord downloaded it to me ".

It is why He did, I believe, is the real meaning behind the name. My grandparents had an address of 425 West 61st. Grandpa made the address numbers and they were placed at the top of his screen and stayed there porch for decades.

When family or friends visited , the old front porch of that home had countless stories told on it but one thing for sure was , if Grandpa told it, "it was the TRUTH!"

If Grandpa started talking, I always felt compelled to listen. A topic that he really never spoke of was that he and Grandma lost three sons in early deaths with the oldest (my Dad) being only 40 years old.

Somehow, Grandpa had a way to capture your attention with whatever he was speaking about . He was never in a hurry , overly loud, wanting you to learn something, allowed you to share your thoughts (without profanity that is) and always seemed to focus on your needs. In fact, I remember as people walked by his home, he knew their name and always asked them if they needed something to eat or drink? You never went hungry at Grandpa's house.

So after his last child passed away (2008), I was cleaning out the house and preparing it for sale, I began to leave when all of a sudden , I stopped and turned around. It was at that time that my eyes focused on Grandpa's homemade address 425. I felt compelled to remove it and replace it with standard numbers, so I did. I didn't know why I did that and placed it in my truck.

I have collected old things in the past , so I just added this address to that collection at that time.

In the Fall' 2019, I had started cleaning an area out to build a new studio. I was thinking it should have a name but I wasn't sure what to call it. So I started thinking, whatever is produced out of it will be truthful, thoughtful, instructional and allow guests and callers to share their thoughts (without profanity) . Then I looked over across the room and I see Grandpa's homemade address... 425.

So as Paul Harvey used to say to his audience, "and now ,you know the rest of the story."

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