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They're Watching

As Dads, we play a crucial role in shaping our children. From birth, they watch our every move, imitate our actions, and look up to us as their role models. While our words hold significance in their learning, our actions and behaviors genuinely leave a lasting impact. This blog post and video will explore our profound influence on our children and how they observe us more than listen to what we say.

In the "They're Watching" video, we see the struggles one Dad goes through to maintain the daily responsibility of being a dad to his daughter, dealing with a rough day at work while also grieving the passing of his wife.

When he remembers, forgiveness begins. Here are some helpful tips to help us remember that our actions are as necessary as our words in raising our children.

The Watchful Eyes of Our Children:

Children are incredibly perceptive, with their eyes and ears always alert. They are like sponges, absorbing everything around them, especially when it involves their dad. Whether it's how we interact with others, handle challenges, or express our emotions, they constantly watch and learn by what we do and not what we say. Our actions become a blueprint for their behavior.

The Importance of Consistency:

Children thrive on consistency and seek stability and reliability in their lives. What we say may carry temporary weight, but our actions speak volumes about our values, principles, and character. Inconsistency between our words and deeds can confuse and disappoint them. They may start questioning our integrity and find it difficult to trust us. If we say one thing but do another or keep promising to do something with or for them and yet don’t, they see that as well. We must align our actions with the values we want to instill in our children.

Teaching Through Actions:

While teaching moments can be found in formal conversations and sit-down discussions, the most profound lessons are taught through our actions. Our children learn empathy when they see us helping others in need, respect when they witness us treating everyone with kindness, and perseverance when they observe us working diligently toward our goals. They also see the truth when we tell it, believe it, or share it with others. When we embody the qualities we wish to instill in our children, they internalize those traits effortlessly.

The Impact on Their Self-Image:

Our actions as fathers directly impact our children's self-image and self-esteem. They develop a positive sense of self-worth when they see us expressing love, support, and appreciation. Conversely, if they witness us being critical, judgmental, or abusive, it can leave lasting scars on their emotional well-being. Remembering that our words and actions can shape their self-perception and influence their choices and relationships throughout their lives is crucial.

Being Mindful of Our Behavior:

Recognizing our immense influence as dads, we must be mindful of our behavior and the messages we convey through our actions. Striving to be the best versions of ourselves benefits our personal growth and sets a strong example for our children. By practicing self-improvement and fostering open communication, we can guide them toward becoming compassionate, resilient, and responsible individuals. I remember a song written years ago by Rodney Atkins titled; “Watching You,” which gave me the idea for this post called; “They’re Watching .” As dads, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to shape our children's lives. While our words hold significance, our actions speak louder. Our children observe and emulate us more than they listen to what we say. By being mindful of our behavior and consistently modeling the values we wish to impart, we can create a positive and lasting impact on their lives. Remember that we are not just fathers, but as their dads, we are also their role models, and our actions will shape the future generation that follows in our footsteps.

When I see how the youth are acting today, it is evident that this “fatherless generation” does not know how to respond correctly to their problems. Many have had no positive fatherly or male role model instruction to follow. Then I witnessed a much smaller group with the proper education and fatherly guidance with a foundation for success. The differences between the two are evident.

Regardless of your situation with your children, you have what it takes to be the dad you desire and what they need to succeed. If the relationship is not where it needs to be, start today from where you are and take the first step toward a brighter future.

Remember, Dad, “They're Watching"!

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