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The Involved Dad

We don't need a special occasion to show our children love, but unfortunately, parents may let days, weeks, or months go by before intentionally showing love. To show love as a Dad, we must be involved, Dad.

There are so many ways to be involved and stay connected to your children … even if you don't live in the same household. Dad, we must know what's going on in their everyday life. When is the next game, what homework do you have? What event is going on at school that you could give just 30 minutes to being visible and available at school? Who are their friends? The goal is to know something about them and connect with them by creating a safety network with their friends and friends' families.

Whatever stage of life your child is going through, you must stay connected. We have to see the world through their eyes at that stage of their life. They may be defiant, They may not be listening ... or at least you don't think they are. They may believe they are all grown up. However, they need you and your love and involvement. A parent can make a difference in the life of a child or even a young adult. We do have to be intentional and even ask ourselves… what can I do?

We learn not to react as much as we listen and love. Listening doesn't come naturally in the moment of a problem. Take a breath, then think before we react. Instead of snapping and raising our voice, we remember to slow down and think.

I know you've heard this too much … and it is more than just a cliché… it is the truth. Children spell love T I M E!

Take time to listen to my podcast this week with my friend Ryan Roy and he shares ways to stay involved. You can also get a copy of Ryan's book on Amazon. Be The Dad You Wish You Had .

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