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PURPOSE…Do you know yours?

An average life today is about 25,550 days or 70 years. As a young person we think that is plenty of time but at the time I wrote this, I have about 3,285 days left or 9 years. Doesn’t seem so long now, does it?

So, I wrote this to myself as well as those who read it and as Joyce Meyer says what she writes: “applies to her” also.

There have been times in my life that I thought my purpose was one thing or the other because that was my career. I have learned that my career was a vehicle to help fuel my purpose. Dads 4 Life became my revealed purpose in 2004 and this year we celebrate our 15th year. As I look back over those 15 years, I can see where there were times when my purpose became cloudy but the more you work on your purpose, the one thing that can become more evident is the one word that can described your purpose.

What is purpose in one word? CLARITY!

Do you have one thing that you are clear about, energizes you, gives you confidence or gives you a reason to get up in the morning? If so, you may have identified your purpose already.

Being clear on who you are, why you are here and the direction you want to go is purpose.

Understanding your purpose is a key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your chosen career may not be your purpose and it may take years or decades to identify the one you were meant to do or have.

Your purpose will always help you to keep steering in the right direction.

John C. Maxwell, an international teacher on Leadership states that;

“Knowing their purpose in life gives them stability. And when others around them start abandoning their causes and jumping ship when life gets tough, these people use this assurance to steady the boat, to ride out the storm, because they have a true North Star. It becomes an anchor in their life—a confidence based upon knowledge of purpose.”

Our goal in finding purpose should result in Being Happier, Healthier and being Significant in helping others.

HAPPIER individuals who feel a “meaningfulness” or purpose in life report reduced anxiety. Researchers also report that life purpose can decrease episodes of depression. People who find their purpose seem to have more meaning and value in their life.

HEALTHIER people with purpose tend to have a lower risk of stroke, spend less time in the hospital, and have a 15% lower risk of death compared to one without a purpose.

SIGNIFICANT: Once we find our purpose, we can begin practicing on the things that will make our work significant to our purpose.

“If you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.”


How does a Purpose Driven Life person spend their time on an average?

A Purpose Driven person:

· Reads and Continue to Learn They average reading about 3 hours per week and learning and studying the rest of the time.

· Grow Relationships both personal and at work.

· Do Work that offers them personal satisfaction

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”


As 2020 approaches, let’s begin now to FIND OUR PURPOSE by:

Reflecting on what has worked, hasn’t worked in finding our purpose.

Focusing on what we are good at and your accomplishments so far.

Creating more space to clear up our calendars more to create a purpose plan and work on that plan daily, weekly, monthly so at the end of 2020 we will have a clear and precise VISON for our purpose and the new decade.

Find your plan and look for the many resources out there to help you Find Your Purpose. I am redefining mine as we approach the year 2020 because I want more than ever a clearer Vision for Dads 4 Life so that we can help you Enrich, Enhance and Encourage you to be the best you can be and help you invest in your greatest asset on Earth…your children.


In celebration of our 15TH YEAR in ministry, we invite you to partner with Dads 4 Life® for our 15th Year Celebration Campaign in support of our mission to reach Dads around the world through our website, resources and our ongoing efforts to help families! CLICK HERE to make a donation of $1 to $15, or any amount of your choosing! Every dollar donated empowers our ministry to make a powerful and meaningful difference in the lives of families all over the world! Thank you for your support!

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