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EXTRAORDINARY LIFE - How to live the life you want!

What If you could be extraordinary in just one aspect of your life? What do you feel would be a remarkable Dad or Mom for your children's future? What if you put the extra in your ordinary job performance?

You can be extraordinary in all you do … if you want to be. But what does it mean to be extraordinary? My simple definition is to put a little extra in everything you do ordinarily. However, let's see what the dictionary's description actually would say.

Extraordinary in the dictionary is defined as:

· Beyond the common

· Beyond what is usual

· Highly exceptional

· Remarkable

· Rare

Ponder this briefly: the opposite of extraordinary is ordinary. If we thought about it, no one grew up thinking life did not mean something or was empty. We yearn for the extraordinary.

Some of the biggest box office movie hits were movies like; Spider-Man, Superman, The Matrix, Fantastic Four, The Incredibles, Star Wars, and Batman series.

How intriguing that the most seen movie hits are not love stories, espionage thrillers, war movies, westerns, or police and crime stories. They are about extraordinary powers because they were about unforgettable characters doing remarkable feats, with some having beyond human abilities in the natural.

I think these movies were successful because exceptional is how we were created to live. That's God's plan from the beginning.

I worked in a career for years, encouraging students regularly as a Law Enforcement Officer. Can you imagine what our Children would be like if we spent more time encouraging them instead of yelling at them or telling them what they are doing wrong?

Encourage them in their schoolwork, their friend choices, their career pursuits, and help them talk through the difficult times of their life. To be extraordinary, you may need just to be a better exceptional listener.

To be extraordinary in your life. You must see yourself incredible. If you don't like how your life has turned out, change what you believe about yourself and your life.

There is strength in our words and if we see ourselves successful, tell yourself you are successful. Have some faith and call things as though they were. There is strength in our words, and according to Proverbs 18:21, there is "Life and Death in the power of the tongue "(or words).

I am familiar with a story of a man who repeatedly told his son that he was sorry and never would make anything of his life. The boy grew up believing it and failed at many things in life. A minister in the prison system was enlightened when several prisoners told him they were actually in prison because their father kept telling them that they would wind up in jail.

We must remember that telling our children they are failures may prove right if we tell them long enough.

You can change a habit or create one (good or bad) by doing it 21 days in a row. If you need to change, go the opposite way for 21 days and see what happens.

God gave us the inner ability to accomplish extraordinary things. We may not see it or recognize it, but we have it. We just need to find it within and tap into it. Just start by going above and beyond in your tasks at work and home. You may not see an immediate change, but if you do it long enough and regularly, somebody will recognize you.

God has already seen it in you. It sometimes takes a while longer to see it for ourselves.

Once it begins to be seen, it will take you to a new level of accomplishment. Seek it, find it and change your future and the future of others.

I genuinely believe it’s the little things we do intentionally daily with extra efforts and specific focus that makes us extraordinary.


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