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Calling All Men !!

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Dads 4 Life is all about changing the next generation of children, one family at a time. While we focus on Fathers, our message is for the entire family. We are reaching out for educating, mentoring and supporting families, but we cannot overlook the needs of hurting children. Life for a child is often grounded in the parents. Parents set the tone for how life works for a child. If there are no ‘father figures’ the impact is even greater. Our job as men is to make sure every child has a mentor, a grandfather, or a friend involved in their lives for that grounding and stability. I often tweet out messages to fathers and post messages to our Facebook fans about how a child needs their Dad. Recently I wrote, “ A daughter needs a Dad to teach her to weigh the consequences of her actions and make decisions accordingly”. “A Son Needs a Dad, who will not punish him for his mistakes, but help him learn from them.” I realize how thought-provoking these sayings are, but also how hurtful this can be to a single parent thinking … OK, that sounds good, but what am I to do? Who do you know that needs love, support, care, and perhaps even financial assistance? There is no one size fits all for Fatherhood or parenting. Each family and child are different. What child can you befriend in your neighborhood to let them know you care and will support them. Every child needs and wants stability in their life. It’s up to us to make a difference. My challenge to you. What will you do? I realize there are so many needy children in orphanages, on the streets, in foster care, or alone in America. The numbers are even more overwhelming internationally. Not one person can do it alone. The needs are great, but both men and women can help. The children’s’ needs are often simple. What a child expresses they ‘want’ and what they ‘need’ are also two different things. One may show they want a computer, while the need is daily food. One may desperately just be looking for love or someone to spend time with them. Life is not fair, but we are in a place where each one of us can make a difference in a life. You may focus on feeding the homeless, someone else focuses on helping Moms, divorced dads, supporting single parents, or a Dads support group …... the needs go on. The list can be extensive that has a harsh impact on a child and their future. Whether it is death, no home, no money, food, lack of education. Each loss causes a child to grieve in some form … often the rest of their life. Their life is different unless we do something! We can change the future of a child. We can change our nation if each one does something! While parenting styles and customs may be slightly different based on cultures, my international visits made it clear to me that Fatherhood is the same in all countries. A Father figure is important in ALL children’s lives. Establishing a Dads 4 Life internationally was a step to extend our forces, but there is much work to be done yet. Even more important than a Dads 4 Life Chapter Internationally is how I can personally help a child have a better life and grow up to be a productive intelligent adult right now. You can make a difference in the next Generation! Will you step up?


In celebration of our 15TH YEAR in ministry, we invite you to partner with Dads 4 Life® for our 15th Year Celebration Campaign in support of our mission to reach Dads around the world through our website, resources and our ongoing efforts to help families! CLICK HERE to make a donation of $1 to $15, or any amount of your choosing! Every dollar donated empowers our ministry to make a powerful and meaningful difference in the lives of families all over the world! Thank you for your support!

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