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Recalibrate ... Correct

Have you ever had a thought where you wish you could just push a RESET button in your life and start over from where you are? Wouldn’t that be easy? Of course, it would be but for most of us, we may find ourselves right back in the same position once again if we don’t really change our habits.

Sometimes you may be forced to change due to a career or financial situation causing for change. Perhaps it was when you hear a report from the doctor in the natural just seems impossible to handle. However, in your heart you know that you have been ignoring the warning signs far too long.

At the beginning of this year, my friend and brand strategist Justin Cappon challenged his Inner Circle group to choose a word or two for the year. I chose two words; RECALIBRATE and CORRECTION.

I wanted to recalibrate my priorities and correct anything in my life that was keeping me from where I wanted to be. I can say that at the end of the third quarter, although I am not where I want to be yet, thank God I am not where I was.

I am now enjoying all aspects of life and not stressing on things or letting things easily bother me because they don’t work out as fast as I want them to or not at all.

I just Recalibrate or Correct where I landed from that point and keep going. The past is the past and there is not one thing you can do to change it. You just move forward and hopefully learned from your past mistakes.

You are now forced with the reality that if you don’t change or reset your thinking, your health may continue to decline and quite possibly “the beginning of the end.” We don’t want it to be this way, but the truth is “the train could run out of track soon, and in your heart of hearts you know it.”

So, what do we do? We are forced to make the change necessary to survive. In past teachings that I have done and funerals that I have officiated, I have spoken of a little poem written by Linda Ellis that you may have read or heard before, called “The Dash.”

It is important to realize that we all have a dash and for some the remaining length of that dash is getting shorter. Of course, the little dash I am speaking of is the small line between your birthdate and the date you die. We all have the dash ... and for some of us, we realize that the dash is becoming smaller … or seems to be. It appears that time just flies by as we age and none of us can slow it down, or can we? As I write this, I am in the sixth decade of life and have shifted my thinking to a more “significant role than a success role.”

I chose a career that wound up helping many people in life … especially youth. Now retired from that profession, I want to be thoughtful and purposeful with what life I have remaining. We can do that in many ways. Perhaps with time we spend with others, advice, and even at times assisting someone financially. I haven’t always been able to do the latter … but thankfully we can as the Lord leads us to do.

Since my birthday a few months ago, and the family celebrations being over, I think about the coming year and beyond now. I choose to “recalibrate my life and correct anything in my life that needs correction.” My relationships, my health, my attitude and even my finances. I choose to recalibrate those things in my life … and more as the Lord may reveal them.

By resetting our way of thinking first, we can open new roads to not only helping ourselves but others. How we think about everything begins with our brain’s functionality. I know you are scratching your head now, right? Dr. Caroline Leaf (Author of “Who Switched Off my Brain”) states that “Each time a thought dominates your conscious mind, you can do something with it. You are not a victim of your biology; you can control your reactions.” Has someone ever cut you off in traffic and then the person looked at you or did a hand gesture as if it was your fault? How you react to that believe it or not can be controlled. If you reacted in a way that is not your normal way of reacting to people, you realize God is still working on you and the way you are thinking.

So, if you haven’t heard of this practice of choosing a word to help you change, you still have time. My Challenge to you ..... Find a word that helps you the remainder of this year. Maybe you have been wanting to start a new business or design a website … choose a word helping you to think about that dream. (By the way, if you need help in those areas, reach out to my friend Justin. He knows his craft for sure.)

Enjoy each day because Life is Short, and we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Recalibrate... and correct... so you have a happier life!

Until next time, Blessings to you. Take time for this challenge .. Recalibrate and Correct!

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