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Interruptions Can Be Teaching Connections

Teaching your children how to handle difficult times is critical. Working in the school system for almost 20 years, I have seen so many students lose complete control over the smallest of concerns. Some didn't seem to know how to handle difficult interruptions in their lives. It would be great if life presented no interruptions but that is not reality, is it?

As parents, we understand that disruptions can be small or large and sometimes our plans must be changed whether we want to or not ( breaks down, inclement weather, someone dies, economic collapse, loss of a job, etc).

To help bridge the gap when life happens, take the opportunity for this to be a teachable moment and make a connection with your children. When the interruption occurs, stop and think how can I help my child understand what has happened here. Why has it happened? Was it preventable or not? If you are helping calm a situation, explain why it is important to help others.

Often small events or changes in plans seem huge and overwhelming to a child. However, when we talk through the problem and explain you're going to be ok and next let them talk to you to tell them how they feel.

This is one way our children can grow and learn and even mature in a controlled environment with a Dad, Mom, Grandparent or Guardian. Bring calm and peace to a situation that seems totally out of control by them and make it a teachable moment.

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