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How Much Time Should Dad spend with his children?

The answer to our question is simply ‘enough’. Each child is unique, and may not need as much attention as others, so there is no single right answer. In the father-child relationship, many variables exist – the child’s age, what stage of emotional development, and even their personality.

With 17.4 million children living without a Father in the home, I can tell their Dads (if involved at all) should spend a lot more than he is our allowed to do.

Due to family issues in our current society, a Dad does not have to live in the same home with his Children to be connected to them, be a part of their lives, and spend valuable time with them. The Dad’s role is so very important in a child’s life. Dad, your role really does set the stage for how your children will turn out as youth and adults.

According to Dr. Dobson and Focus on The Family surveys, the average middle class father spends about 37.7 seconds a day in conversation and interaction with their children. When we compare that to the average of 56 hours a week of television or radio media, where are they receiving their morals and standards? This information alone identifies an area for concern of who is really teaching our children character traits.

To help determine how much time is really “enough” and to have a healthy connection and give guidance and direction, answer these questions:

o Can you name your child’s best friend?

o Do you know your child’s best friend’s parents?

o Within three pounds, how much does your child weigh?

o What is his/her greatest disappointment or unfulfilled desire?

o If he/she could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

o What are their teacher’s names?

o What books are they reading right now?

o And, finally, there is one other way for a father to determine if he is spending enough time with the children: Ask the mother!

You can start today and stay involved if you haven’t been. Make and Keep the Connection with your children and become a Dad 4life.


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