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In 2004 we established an organization called Dads 4 Life, Inc™.  Our goal is to be an organization for Fathers that encourages enhances, and enrich Dads to be a Dad 4 Life!™ . As  Iron Sharpens Iron , we can learn from each other.  We are creating an impact on the next generation by encouraging Dads of all ages to stand up and be a Dad! As a young boy whose Dad passed early, I am committed to helping inspire Dads to be the best Dad they can be.  I believe you can be a life learner and as a Dad, we definitely are always learning. 



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Keith believes it is not what you leave to your children that counts, but what you leave in them! 


"Daily Connections” is a daily reminder to find some area of association to build a relationship with each of your children. Just like each parent … all of our children are different, and respond differently. The purpose of this VALUABLE FREE RESOURCE is to give parents of all ages, and educational backgrounds ideas of how to relate and connect with their children. 


Each day will provide an exercise for thinking about your kids and what ideas you can implement to make your connection better.  CLAIM YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW and immediately begin making memorable life connections with your children!


My understanding of Fatherhood came not only from education but also from real life experience of growing up without a Dad. My background and career put me in the path of fatherless kids it seemed like daily. While working as a School Resource Officer I became more aligned with the students as I participated in various after school activities. 


By being involved with countless students in different settings, I learned that many kids had very little to no Father influence. Those experiences, along with growing up without a Dad after age eleven and being a young divorced Dad, seem to be the catalyst in starting Dads 4 Life.  I now encourage, interact, and work with Dads on many issues… through our many resources like podcasting/broadcast, books, social media and speaking platforms.


Being a Dad Coach, if I may be able to serve you as a Dad going through a divorce or having been divorced you reach out today and let’s connect soon.


“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17


It would be my honor and pleasure to help you in helping you become a

Dad 4 Life!

Whether you or a Dad and want to discuss our Dad Coaching, Needing assistance with parenting, Going through a divorce or just need to talk! I am here to serve you.. let’...
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